Reasons behind ICJ’s decision to suspend death penalty

Reasons behind ICJ’s decision to suspend death penalty |

ISLAMABAD – The precipitation about the case was cleared before the ruling of International Court of Justice that Pakistan will punish the Indian spy for terrorism charges, although the ICJ suspended the execution of Indian spy.

Kulbhushan was awarded death penalty by the Pakistan’s Field General Court Martial few weeks before, the Indian government pursuing delay in the execution of the spy.

ICJ was trying to stop the hanging of Indian spy because the accused can be hung anytime, by the ruling court makes sure that there will be no urgency in the execution.

The ICJ jurisdiction was rejected by Pakistan because it was hoped that the ruling will be in favor of Pakistan.

Both countries are the signatory of Vienna Convention which stated that the counselor access of the victim should be given to the other country.

The ICJ can investigate the “disputes arising out of the interpretation or application of the [Vienna] Convention”.


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