Researchers find links of cyberattack with North Korea

Researchers find links of Cyber-attack with North Korea |

LONDON – Cyber Security Researchers have found links of recent Cyberattack which affected more than 300,000 computers all around the world with North Korea.

The researchers of South Korea stated that they have found some codes in the WannaCry software which were also appeared in the program used by Lazarus group run by North Korea.

“It is similar to North Korea’s backdoor malicious codes,” said Simon Choi, who had worked many years as a senior researcher of North Korea’s hacking capabilities.

Although the researchers told that we cannot blame North Korea completely till the investigation of Cyber-attack.

The recent attack on Monday was the fastest-spreading extortion campaign on the internet; however, the foreign minister of China had not shared any information relating to the matter.

Many Asian countries were also affected by the attack, in Malaysia 12 cases of Cyber-attack were reported, almost every site which was attacked belongs to the state.


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