Smoking rooms, private parties in Islamaabd educational institutes, Senate committee

Drug is easily available in Schools: SSP Islamabad |

ISLAMABAD –  In a meeting of Standing committee of Cabinet division on Tuesday, it was revealed that the of education institutes in Islamabad have smoking rooms.

During the briefing, it was revealed that the education departments hide all the events of drug abuse and private parties to save the image of the institution.

According to the correspondent of Pakistantribe, SSP Sajid Kayani briefed Senate on Tuesday in a meeting.

He said that Police is in search of the drug resources, in past four months department have arrested 315 alleged persons involved in the supply of drugs, 23 were directly involved in the supply of drugs to students.

It should be noticed that the federal government is trying to emit the drug abuse from the capital city and also around the country.

Sajid Kayani said that whenever we burst the smugglers we investigate whether he is supplying it to the students or not, in a question about Quaid – e – Azam university drug supply case he said we are investigating the matter.


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