The Influx of Book Based Movies in the Hollywood Cinema

The Influx of Book Based Movies in the Hollywood Cinema | PakistanTribeThere always have been movies based on books, the earliest of which include fairytale like Cinderella, Snow white most of the Disney classics. No matter what story people fell in love with them instantly.

Throughout the years there have been many movies based on books and most of them took the box office with a storm and made themselves immortal. From The Godfather to Forrest Gump, Fight Club and the Million Dollar Baby; all these movies were widely appreciated by the audience and they appealed to both who had read the book the movie was based on and and to those who had not.

The movies themselves took a life of their own and soon most audiences preferred to watch the movie instead of reading the book. The movies presented themselves to an audience made mostly of adults and sometimes teenagers. Of-course there was the occasional treat for all like Babe, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Were the Wild Things Are. There were also the comics superheros found themselves on the big screen like Superman, Spider-man and Batman with the occasional Catwomen thrown in.

they brought those ever loved books and comics to the home of all. Though these book based movies were widely appreciated we did not know what a fan following of a book could do until the release of Harry Potter. We had already seen some of this phenomenon with the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises but in later years movies like Harry Potter took the world by a landslide.

Books-based-hollywood-movies | PakistanTribeThese were enormous fantasy mega hits like The Lords of The Rings series, Harry Potter series and The Chronicles of Narnia; all these books already had a large fan following which only expanded when they were released as movies. Suddenly Hogwarts wasn’t just a part of our imagination but something the whole world could see, it was an amazing experience for all book and movie lovers alike.

J.K Rowling stirred a sleeping beast it might seem because after Harry Potter Hollywood went into a search for their next big hit some didn’t quite make a dent that they wanted to movies like The Golden Compass, Inkheart and the ever disappointing Eragon.

It was only in 2008 with Stephenie Meyer’s book Twilight did we see something that changed the movie world forever. There should have been a earthshaking boom to be heard through the world but that boom was silent. Suddenly all you could hear was Twilight everywhere. Those who hadn’t read the book eagerly went through the pages and gobbled them up like candy. That was one of the pinnacle moments for both YA books and movies.

TwilightHere are some of the stats showing exactly how the the these movies have grown throughout the years, what is more interesting is how now sequels dominate the cinema.

Of course the Harry Potter franchise had created a boom of their own but the it was of a different genre; one with fighting evil than fighting for the love of your life. Movies that catered to the specific audience of pre-teens and teenagers were being released like Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games.

the-hunger-gamesThe Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has put Hollywood into a movie rights buying frenzy. There is a staggering amount of adaptations now found in the cinema like The Help, Eat Pray Love, Shutter Island, Jane Eyre, The adjustment bureau, The Girl with the dragon tattoo, Hugo, The Hobbit and many many more books took the the book some of them even going and overtaking the Oscars like Life of Pi.

Whether it is the fan following of the books or the sheer brilliance of the authors writing the book, that causes them to be chosen and made into films. That truth is that we don’t know. Though one thing is for sure if the movie is based on a book and it sure to be amazing especially for the fans of the book to whom the world they once imagined comes to life.

The years 2013 has offered us many pleasures with books made into movies like Catching Fire (The Second book in the Hunger Games Series) and The Mortal Instruments yet 2014 offers even more. It will offer movies life the first Divergent movie, The Fault in Our Stars, The Vampire Academy, The Giver, Gone Girl, The Maze Runner. Not only these but along with a lot of other movies in various other genres making their way into the box office it is safe to say that the influx of book based movies especially movies has overtaken everything else.

Hollywood-Movies-WallpapersWhat was essentially every readers wish is now a reality so all you book lovers look out, your favourite book might be brought to reality and all those who prefer not to read well they are in for some of the best movies yet.

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