Guidelines for PakistanTribe Summer Internship Programme 2017

Guidelines for PakistanTribe Summer Internship Programme 2017 |

You received email from us? It means you are selected for the PakistanTribe’s Summer Internship Program. Before proceeding further please check these guidelines to get maximum from the summer internship program.

The theme of this two months’ long internship program is to give social enthusiast a chance to report on such metropolitan issues which are often or always neglected by the mainstream media.

Please go through these instructions carefully:


Office hours: optional/not required

Frequency:  2 Reports every week

Topics: Any issue, problem, incident or happening in your metropolitan locality. It could be the water shortage problem, encroachments, street beggars; cultural events, opening of new cuisines/restaurants; stories from local schools, colleges or universities; local sports events or anything else.


  • The compiled stories will be approved by senior editors.
  • You are barred from writing with the willful intention to denounce/defame and thoroughly against:
  • The State of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Armed Forces
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Sectarian Beliefs
  • Character and Conduct of any personality
  • Selective stories will be published with your name.
  • You will not be allowed to get these stories publish elsewhere.
  • Plagiarism in any story will result in your disqualification.

Structural Description of the News Story


  • Always in Present Indefinite Tense unless you are working on a story from the past.
  • Maximum 6 words.


Must be in:

  • Simple present tense
  • Present Perfect Tense
  • Simple Past tense
  • Past Perfect Tense
  • Maximum 32 words to tell what this story is all about. The best and most simple tip for writing a lede is to pick up the most important aspect of your story.

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Supporting paragraph

  • Here you are supposed to give further details about your story i.e.
  • Where it happened (include city name)
  • When it happened (include the day)
  • Who were involved (include the names of characters involved)
  • No limit for words


No limit for the words but it must be in paragraphs.

Background Paragraph

  • It is up to you if you want to include a past reference here regarding your story.
  • This paragraph should contain a brief narrative on where this issue originated and what developments have been made so far.

Structural Description of Feature Writing

  • Feature is a de-facto a news item but with novelty touch.
  • For feature writing one has have to follow the News Format with some value additions as mentioned below:
    • Include dialogues of the character(s).
    • Include quote of your subject(s).
    • Spell bound the reader by being descriptive about the surroundings, subjects, characters etc.
    • Give some quality pictures.

Structural Description of Infotainment Item

  • An infotainment related item is also basically a news item but with some interesting and amazing information.
  • Could be a mobile feature.
  • Could be an undiscovered hiking track to Margalla Hills.
  • Could be a new roadside food corner in down town of your metropolis.

Structural Description of Photo Journalism

  • Give a new perspective to an old thing or bring out something new. Its all about “a click at a right moment” or “a click with a right angle”.
  • You have to compliment your photo with a line or two.
  • NOTE: Photo Journalism Tasks will only be assigned by PT’s Editors.

Structural Description of Video Journalism

  • A concise report of not more than 120 seconds.
  • Ideally speaking it should have a scripted voice-over, related visuals and comments by the concerned-ones.

NOTE: Video Journalism Tasks will only be assigned by PT’s Editors.


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