Umer Sharif is out of danger, says son

Umar Sharif is out of danger, says son |

LAHORE – A wave of tension and grief spread over fans of legendary stand-comedian and theater master Umar Sharif, in which he was shown on a hospital bed, with the caption “seriously ill, pray for him.” 

However, his son, Jawad Sharif made an appearance to put all the rumours about his father’s bad health to rest and said he was out of danger.

He is better now. Doctors have prescribed him some tests and medicines,” said Jawad.

Much later, reports matched the viral image of Umer Sharif on a hospital bed to almost a year back when he was admitted in serious condition but soon recovered.

Jawad professed that his father should be taken home once the test results come in and he is cleared by the doctors.

Tests were conducted in the morning today and we have been told that results will be disclosed in [Thursday] evening,” he added.

All the charges of Umer Sharif during the treatment were paid by his own welfare trust ‘Omer Sharif Welfare Trust’ which is established to serve the artistic community of Pakistan.

He has suffered several heart failures in past, his fans from all over the world pray for him.

Umer Sharif entertained Pakistanis for a long time, he worked with Moeen Akhtar who was also a legendary stand-up comedian of his time.

He had performed in India several times, lots of people gathered to hear him.

So many faces in comedy were introduced by him which also worked impressively in the field.

Get well soon, Sir. We need you!


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