Lahore zoo ‘killed’ female elephant ‘Suzi’

Lahore zoo 'killed' female elephant 'Suzi' |

LAHORE – The administration of a local Zoo in Pakistan’s second largest city Lahore, killed a female elephant ‘Suzi’, claimed a report about only Lahore Zoo elephant death.

According to Urdu service, 36y-olad Suzi has died on Saturday as Lahore Zoo administration claimed she died after completing her natural life span limit but this is not the whole truth.

Veterinary experts say the African elephant group member live 70-80year. On the other hand Suzi died in the age of 36, less than half of the average age.

It is worth mentioning here that early reports about Suzi and its condition revealed that the elephant being ignored badly.

Lahore Zoo administration illegally made Suzi a source of income as they forced her to collect currency notes from visitors and gave it to the supervisor.

Suzi was the target of poor health, not-enough food and carelessness, said report published in parts of local media about the condition of Lahore Zoo.

Suzi died after acute pain in her lags, the zoo administration had discontinued rides on the elephant several years ago after realising that she could not support the weight on her back.

Officials of the zoo administration said Suzi had been transported to Pakistan in the late 1980s and was around 35 years old.

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