Tips to be saved from heatstroke

Tips to be saved from heat stroke |

KARACHI – The attack of heat-wave in Karachi which killed 1,500 people is not so old, just two years before the killings showed the ugly face of management in the largest city of Pakistan.

After two years the situation is same as it was, there is no campaign launched by the authority to prevent that type of accidents further.

Heat stroke awareness is still a matter of concern in Karachi as people don’t know the basic safety pins to avoid the deadly heat stroke, which is an alarming situation for the local government.

According to a survey in which media asked about the basic awareness questions, what is heat stroke, what are its signs and what kind of workers mostly affected by it, Dr. Shan-e-Alam of Civil Lines Hospitals shed light on the topic?

She told that in the temperature of 40 degree Celsius the body of starts sweating rapidly, which cause a deficiency of water which a real cause of Heat stroke.


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