‘Faakhir finds Churail’ in Hyderabad, video goes viral

‘Faakhir finds Churail’ in Hyderabad, video goes viral | pakistantribe.com

Everyone in his childhood must have heard the stories of supernatural beings which lived on the old trees and possessed the passengers who walked through the streets.

Matter of concern will be that situation in which you find a witch sitting on the wall in the middle of night, the same event happened with the Pop Singer Faakhir Mehmood shared a picture of a witch sitting on a wall in Hyderabad.

As guessed, some people found this picture real and shared it on social media, however, some presented their own stories to deny the picture.

The picture shared by Faakhir showed a witch surrounded by crowds who are taking pictures despite running for their lives.

The Churail, at last, turned out to be a doll which was used by people to distract people when they robbed the house, and also the origin of the image is Morocco despite ‘Hyderabad.’


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