Afghan agitation towards Pakistan, directed by India, US official

On-going Afghan agitation towards Pakistan directed by India, US official

WEB DESK – A United States analyst revealed on Tuesday that the on-going Afghan government’s agitation towards Pakistan is on the behest of India.

The resent attack carried out by Afghan forces on Friday killed at least eleven people and left more than 40 injured, the Afghan forces shoot the villagers and security personels in the attack.

Afghan forces also striked the census team guarded by Pakistan Army soldiers who were working in the area, in reply Pakistan has postponed the trade route which cause great loss for the bilateral trade.

It should be noticed that Afghsnistan is a land-lock country and depend completely on Pakistan for the export, it produce large quantity of drug which used in Pakistan and supplied to other parts of the world.

The bilateral ties of Pakistan and Afghanistan are sour form the emergence of Pakistan, as it denied to accept Pakistan as a State.



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