Four best ways to enjoy watermelon this summer

Four best ways to enjoy watermelon this summer |

Watermelon, the juiciest fruit, is considered as the official fruit of summer, not because it contains 92pc of water but also for the efficiency of vitamins A, B6, and C, lycopene, and antioxidants in it.

It is an ideal snack in the scorching summertime, perfect to prevent the scorching beams of sunlight. Delicious salads and appetizers can be made through it; some notable delicious dishes are given here.

Watermelon with yogurt, poppy seeds, and fried rosemary

The dish is very famous for its delicious flavor. It provides burst of freshness, heat from chili flakes and outstanding aromatic taste. Use it for brake fast and brunch or just snacks.

Sesame-and-Soy Watermelon Poke

Grilled watermelon is something which should not be missed. Flaming concentrates the taste which is perfect for the flavor of melon and rounded by scallions and cilantro increases its beauty.

Radish, Watermelon, and Bulgar Wheat Salad

Salad can be made by melon for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it will provide freshness, sweetness and also very satisfying.

Tabbouleh with Watermelon

It is a favorite dish in the Middle East, tabbouleh made with tomatoes. In this dish, we substitute tomato with watermelon.


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