Sunil Narine creates IPL history with fifteen balls fifty

Sunil Narine creates IPL history with fiiteen balls fifty

BANGLORE – The well-known West-Indian spinner, Sunil Narain thrashed the bowlers of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the on-going IPL 2017 and completed his fifty in just fifteen balls.

Narain who is facing problems on account of bowling spit out his anger on the bowlers of opposite side and now he holds the record of fastest fifty in the history of IPL.

He arrived on the pitch as an opening batsman and due to his breathtaking innings, Knight Riders succeeded in making the highest score in the power-play, 105 runs in 36 balls.

The leading stars of IPL Virat Kohli, Chris Gale and AB de Villiers failed to entertain people in last two weeks; same happened on Sunday and they lost their wickets, Knight Riders were the bowling side both times.

After all the entertainment Sunil Narine lost his wicket just after the end of Power Play, although become man of the match when KKR beat RCB with six wickets.


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