India is now the largest market for bikes

India is now the largest market for bike |

NEW DEHLI – One of the largest countries in the world, India has become the seller of two-wheelers in the whole world with the total of 17.7 million sold out in 2016.

The data was provided by Indian Automobile Manufactures (SIAM) and China Association of Automobile Manufacturers which states that the consumptions of bikes in India is 48,000 per day, It also beats China who sold out 16.8 million units per day.

The contribution of the woman in very important in increasing the sale, Honda generates 35pc of its sale due to woman.

“The need for mobility is very large in India, and we are one of the fastest developing economies in the world,” said the senior vice-president of Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, YS Guleria. “We will grow at around 9-11% over the coming years,” as quoted by Tribune.

The people are purchasing bikes in India because of vast congested areas all around the country, now it is difficult for them to search a place of parking and to move from one place to another in cars.

Opposite situation seen in China where people are much more interested in cars despite of bikes.



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