Meet the Queen of Entertainment, Sultana Siddiqi – by Amjad Iqbal

Meet the Queen of Entertainment - by Amjad Iqbal |

“Jack of all is master of none” is the dictum Im listening since my childhood and found it true unless I came across Sultana Apa.

It agitated my curiosity to its acme pushing me to read and reach to her which took me to the world of perfection. A lady who is leading the led. Her appetite for perfection and women empowerment took her to a number of odds but she came out as a winner. Recent HUM AWARDS is a glimpse of her efforts to shape new dimension in Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry.
I find no exaggeration in saying that she is pioneer of new trends in FASHION INDUSTORY too. Keeping everyone happy is impossible but Apa has this charisma with mastery on it. Her subordinates call her a Down to Earth Lady who looks after beyond the obligation, close associates and colleagues call her a visionary and creative, for her children – she is the role model and apprentice find her A Bench Mark. She was not born with a golden spoon but her dedication and commitment made the golden spoon feel low in front of her.
She is a lady with iron nerves and absorbing personality with high values. Her decision power is manifested in initiative to launch an entertainment channel. She is the only lady in complete South Asia owning a television channel. An unorthodox replica of female entrepreneurship in a male dominated society.
She is amongst those women who set personal example for 51% of the denounced faction of our society. Her allure instilled confidence and encouraged women to break the ice subsequently leading to exploration of their hidden talent. Her successes are unabated with far reaching effects.
She is A Success Story much beyond President’s Pride of Performance and Life Time Achievement Awards. Her journey from free lance anchor to a media magnate is unprecedented which needs exploration for our youth to follow her footprints. Having said that, Im unable to find the answer about “Apa, how could you do all This?”.
Amjad Iqbal is a student of Communication Studies.

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