India denies visas for medical treatment of Pakistani citizens

India denies issuence of medical visas for Pakistani citizens |

ISLAMABAD – The agitation of India is on the peak when it announced to impose a ban on Medical visas for Pakistani citizens.

Islamabad in the reply has expressed serious reservations over the decision taken by Indian government, according to a report more than 500 patients travel to India for the treatment of Liver and Heart-related disease and under treatment in the hospitals of New Dehli and other Indian states.

Sources revealed that India has made several complications in the visa policy and now it will be more difficult for the citizen of Pakistan to get the Indian visa, also no Pakistani have granted Indian visa for the last two months.

The decision took by Indian government is the reply of Kulbhushan trial, who was accused of spying for India in the state of Pakistan.

The foreign minister of India Sushma Suraj said while talking in the parliament of India that Kulbhusan in a son of India and we will go to any extent to save him.



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