Trump on first official visit to Saudi Arabia

Trump on first official visit to Saudi Arabia |

WASHINGTON – The United States President Donald Trump has announced an official visit to Saudi Arabi and Israel first time after his election as a President.

The U.S. President would also visit Vatican City during the tour, his trip also includes NATO meeting in Brussels on May 25 and Group of Seven (G7) summit in Sicily on May 26.

In his speech on religious liberty at Rose Garden, he said that the visit will build support between Muslims, Christians, and Jews against terrorism.

“Our task is not to dictate to others how to live but to build a coalition of friends and partners who share the goal of fighting terrorism and bringing safety, opportunity, and stability to the war-ravaged Middle East,” Trump said, as quoted by Samaa News.

The former President of United States Barak Obama has bitter relations with both Saudi Arab and Israel, he considers the leaders of Arab as a traditional alliance.

Donald Trump will also meet Pope on May 24.


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