Muhammad becomes the most popular name in London

Muhammad, most popular name in london |

LONDON – The religion of Peace, Islam is going to be the largest religion in the world soon, and it has a large number of followers in Europe. A report indicates that a Muslim name Muhammad is popularly named in London.

It is the most frequent name adopted by parents for their children, however, religious extremism in Europe is also on the peak.

A survey revealed that Mohammad is the most popular name in boys while Amelia is a popular name for girls in London.

It was found that the UK had a diverse class of citizens having British, Germans, Indian Pakistanis, Irish and Scotish origin, this survey was taken place in the United Kingdom Kingdom.

Emily Sophie and Oliver were the second options for the girls in 26 cities of UK.

In 2016 Sadiq Khan became the first Muslim Mayer of London by a huge percentage of the vote which is a first event happened in the history of UK.


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