China to launch its own Wikipedia

China plans to launch its own Wikipedia |

BEIJING – The leading investor of Asia, China set to launch a local version of Wikipedia and for that purpose, more than 20000 employees have been hired to work on the project which will feature 300000 entries in which each will be based on 1000 words.

The task shall be given to the scholars, studying from the universities of the state.

It should be noticed that Wikipedia is available in China, although the whole data can’t be reached because of internet sensors.

‘Yang Muzhi’ named as the editor-in-chief of “The Encyclopedia of China.”

“This initiative is to attract more users towards the state-approved content,” he said, as quoted by Samaa News.

While speaking with his team of scholars he said that “We have the biggest, most high-quality authors team in the world.”

Same sort of announcement has been done by Russia and authorities said that it was working on an alternative version of Wikipedia since 2014.


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