China offers help in resolving Kasmir dispute

China to help in resolving Kasmir dispute |

ISLAMABAD – One of the economic giants of the world, China has shown the tendency in resolving the regional┬ádisputes between neighboring countries, Pakistan and India which is important in the project of One Belt, One Road.

China has gathered experience by removing dispute between Myanmar and Bangladesh, and now aimed to help in seized fire along the battle ground of Kashmir.

Because China is the largest power of Asia and center of all activities, it should learn how to be a mediator and stabilizing force in the region, this quality will also increase the economic influence of China.

Solvation of Rohingya dispute shows the influence of China in the regional politics.

China has spent a large amount of money in Myanmar which is the main country in the map of One Belt, One Road and now it is an apple of eye for many Chinese investors.

The economic giant will also help the refugees which fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar, may it will get success in getting the two countries on negotiating table.

In past, China has not interfered in the internal matters of any country but now the Chines investment makes him do that.

The problem of Kashmir will be the toughest task for the Chines because none of the two countries is ready to withdraw from its position.


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