Person who offered 10billion to Imran lives in Lahore

Imran: Nation wants to know what's settlement over Dawn Leaks | PSL 2018

The chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-insaf Imran Khan informed reporters on Sunday that the person who allegedly offered him the bribe of Rs10 billion lives in Lahore.

Imran Khan while presiding the people in his Haqooq-i-Karachi march raised the questions on account of shortage of water and power. During his speech, he mentioned about the bribery case.

“I won’t give his name, he lives in Lahore,” as quoted by Dawn News.

He claimed that the PML-N workers use police to crush their opposition. PTI Chief said that he requested the Judge to save him from the man who tries to bribe him.

“He said that Rs10bn was just the starting point, he said it would go even higher,” as quoted by Dawn News.





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