“India never accepted Pakistan Formation by Heart,” Pakistan Artists

Indian-extremists-against-PLahore : “To create an atmosphere of love, peace and brotherhood among India and Pakistan is just waste of time. India never accept Pakistan formation heart so how they can accept Pakistan’s Artists,” said Pakistani Artists.

Artists expressed their views after attack on Pakistani artist and band during their performance by extremist Hindu organization activists .

Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din, the actor, said that “It is not the first time that extremist Hindus raid on a Pakistani band. Our government should hold its protest to the Indian government.”

Actor Mustafa Qureshi also criticized this act of Indian extremists said ” These kinds of incidents become common with Pakistani Artists. But its sad that our government is playing the role of silent spectators.”

It must be mentioned here that Hindu Extremists from Shiv Sena stopped Pakistan Band from holding press conference after that many local artists criticized the act of Hindu extremists and ask Governmedent to take some appropriate actions.

Singer Zafar Iqbal also expressed his views said ” Every Time Pakistani Artists suffered from Hindu extremists which is highly regrettable ,”

“Artists have to face such extremists acts by Hindus until Government not take any advocating direction,” said Qavi Khan, The Artist.

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