How to stop a crying baby in seconds: the 25 million click trick

The baby stops crying in seconds: the 25 million click trick |

CALIFORNIA – Daniel Eisenman – a motivator based in San Diego, USA – shared with his followers a trick to stop crying a newborn in no time.

According to reports, Eisenman was in the middle of a direct Facebook when her daughter Divina started screaming.

At that time Eisenman stopped talking and tried a trick to engage her but it’s not workers then he set the girl in her eyes and issued a long “Om” mantle of Tibetan Buddhism.

Within a few seconds, Divina stopped crying.

The video has been highly appreciated by users, to overcome the 25 million views

While commenting about the interesting revelation and the result, he wrote:

“Check out this quick clip from my live Facebook video earlier to learn #HowToStopACryingBaby ”


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