Hamid Mir returns Bangladesh’s award for his father

Hamid Mir returns Bangladesh's award for his father | pakistantribe.com

ISLAMABAD – The wellknown anchorperson and senior journalist of Pakistan Hamid Mir has returned the award of Bangladesh given to his father Waris Mir for his protest against the East Pakistan Operation 1971.

Hamid Mir announced this news on his TV show ‘Capital Talk’ by saying that Hasina Wajid is bent on bad relations with Pakistan, and shown no signs of the revival of ties between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

He said that in this condition of diplomacy between Pakistan and Bangladesh this award hits the emotions of  Pakistan’s people and should be returned.

He said that he, on behalf of his father, the late Prof Waris Mir, and a dozen others accepted the invitation, taking it as Hasina’s initiative to improve relations with Pakistan.

But seeing that Hasina has spoilt relations to such an extent that it is not willing to send Bangladeshi cricket team to Pakistan, rather she wants to sever ties with Pakistan, it is obvious that the awards were a deception, he said announcing the return of the award

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  • Dear Hamid Meer
    Well Done, you have chosen a good time to return the award given to your late father.
    Myself have a number of friends from EPAK now BD during my studies in Lahore 1967-1971.
    Although reservations of Bengali students were positive, yet we cannot accept the attitude of PM-BD towards Pakistan.


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