Imran Khan refuses to reveal source of Rs10 billion offer

Video: Shahbaz Sharif's friend offered me Rs 10b on Panama Case: Imran

ISLAMABAD – Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan refused to reveal the name of his friend who brought an offer of Rs10 billion on behalf of Sharif family to stay quiet in Panama Papers case.

“I can’t reveal his name because I am afraid that PML-N will politically victimize him,” Khan said, in an exclusive interview with Nadeem Malik, the host of SAMAA’s flagship current affairs show ‘Nadeem Malik Live’, as quoted by Samaa News.

“Even If I reveal his name, do you think they (Sharif family) will have given him a receipt of the offer? These things are verbal, never written,” he opined.

“My friend told me about the offer only recently, he never told me about this before,” he said, adding that he did want to discuss this initially.

“Does anyone have any doubt about Nawaz Sharif’s bribe to Justice Qayyum in the recorded call? Has he never bribed anyone ever? Just look at his whole career and you will understand he made bribery a fine art,” he said.

Khan added that he brought the offer to the public only to salute the Supreme Court judges for the amount of pressure they might have faced for the Panama case.

“I spoke to this friend and sought his permission before I brought this issue public,” he added.


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