CAA issues last warning to SIA

KARACHI- The Civil Aviation Authority has notified Shaheen Airways International (SIA) that if it will not present the required documents within 45 days for the resumption of its passenger’s pick-and-drop license CAA will suspend its license.

“Shaheen Air International’s (SAI) documents for Regular Public Transport (RPT) are incomplete,” CAA said on Monday, as quoted by Tribune.

Further, The Aviation Regulator (CAA) on Sunday stopped the SAI flights flying from the route Multan-Oman.

The regulator informed that SIA is under a debt of Rs480 million on accounts of Taxes and Fees.

“The regulator has reduced the availability of Avoid Bridge [a movable bridge placed against an aircraft door to allow passengers to embark or disembark] to Shaheen Air International,” an official at the regulatory body told The Express Tribune, as quoted by Tribune.

The spokesperson of SIA in the response of warning said that CAA targeting Private Airlines since long for their key role in transportation.

He also accused CAA that its decision has caused a billion losses for the International Airline


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