Chitral Imam saves blasphemer from enraged mob

Chitral Imam saves blasphemer from enraged mob |

CHITRAL – A man accused of blasphemy was beaten up inside a mosque after Jumma Prayers in Chitral by a charged-up mob before the imam saved his life and handed him over to the police.

According to Samaa News reports, a man allegedly made ‘blasphemous remarks’ inside a mosque after Friday prayers. This enraged the people gathered for prayer who started beating him up.

Fearing for the man’s life, the prayer leader came to the man’s rescue and saved him from the angry worshippers. The imam of the mosque handed him over to authorities at a local police station, Samaa News reported.

A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against the man for committing blasphemy. According to a report, the police were ascertaining the man’s mental health. The mob reached the police station and demanded from authorities that they hand over the suspect.

A clash broke out between the police and the charged-up mob. Police resorted to aerial firing and tear gas shelling in a bid to disperse the crowd.

The report further claimed Frontier Constabulary arrived at the police station to assist the police in quelling the situation, as an estimated 3,000-4,000 had gathered outside the police station.

Chitral became the number one trend on Twitter following the incident. Last week, a student from Abdul Wali Khan University in Multan was lynched by fellow students after he was accused of committing blasphemy.

That incident had drawn widespread condemnation from political parties and prominent personalities.


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