VIDEO: Man dies of cobra bite while taking selfie

VIDEO: Man dies of cobra bite while taking selfie |

JODHPUR – Footage of an Indian man attempting to take a selfie with cobra is going rounds, not because of his daring stunt, but a lethal consequence in its wake.

A tourist tried to get a picture with a deadly cobra wrapped around its neck in Jodhpur. The man while posing did not realise that the reptile had bitten him and lost his life hours later. The video footage of the incident has now gone viral.
The footage shows, the snake charmer attempting to put the poisonous cobra around the tourist’s neck while many others gather around to watch and capture it on their phones. The serpent slithers and strikes out, biting the tourist on his temples.
Though the act was captured on camera, the man now identified as Baburam Jakhar doesn’t realise it immediately. Only minutes later he touches his face and asks the snake-charmer if he has been stung. However, the entertainer ignored him and carried on with the acts.
The snake-charmer only took notice after the man lost consciousness. The man was taken to hospital where doctors declared him dead. Reports said the police have arrested the snake charmer.


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