Jamal Shah Khattak; A Journey from Nobody to Somebody – By Gulalai Akhtar

Jamal Shah Khattak; A Journey from Nobody to Somebody - By Gulalai Akhtar | pakistantribe.com

Wifinity Inc a media tech and internet start up said to be one of the most promising start up of 2017 in Pakistan. It’s now became a part of Planet N Group of Companies.

Jamal Shah Khattak founder and CEO of Wifinity Inc. is grown in middle class family. His father is a government teacher in Kohat. Jamal is an engineer, an artist, and above all a dreamer.

He started to develop softwares and reverse engineering algorithms from age of 15. He Founded Smart Load back in 2014 which was an online mobile recharge portal but closed it down due to lack of investment.

Then founded a shoe company Zaiva with low investment. After opening some of its outlets, a big fish of the industry started to cut his root. Being a start up with very limited resources Zaiva ended up as a failure.

He developed artificial intelligence software for transparent elections. This was a game changing technology so he approached government for its implementation but nobody cared.

He also designed Robot Police for KPK to counter the terrorism in region but it is not implemented till date. He has fallen seven times and stood up eight.

Finally after rejection from a dozen of investors in KPK for his new travel entertainment start up, he got funding from an organisation of Rawalpindi.

Founded the first travel entertainment company, and started to stream videos in buses with impossible speed of 350 Mbps. This speed is not even provided by ISP Giants. Nobody knows how he and his team made it happen.

Now they are aiming to provide the same facility for educational institutions. Students will be able to access lectures and books from around the world without spending money on expensive internet packages.

Students will also be able to access those lectures and books even if they do not have internet connection. It is amazing.

Wifinity has decided to enter Digital Payment market by launching first virtual bank by the end of April 2017. It will change the whole payment methods and habits in Pakistan.

He is going to change the way you pay, shop, sale, purchase, deposit, transfer funds and everything related to Rupee. It means Pakistan will see a 22 years old owning a bank by the end of this April.

Jamal is an example of struggle, hard work, determination and success. We needs young business leaders like him to strengthen the economy of Pakistan.

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