7 tips for Sochi 2014 spectators

7 Tips for Sochi 2014With all the enthusiasm and excite to be a spectator at the mega Event, you should also be careful while wandering through Sochi 2014 Olympic Park and around. 

Any mistake could land you in some sort of trouble including physical, financial and legal.

Here are seven tips to keep in mind, described by the organizers, to keep yourself safe:

1 Please visit the official website, sochi2014.com, for the most upto-date information about the Games. Be aware that event times are subject to change. You can check for changes to the Games
schedule here.

2 To enter the Olympic Park, the competition venues and the Ceremony venues, you must have a valid ticket and Spectator Pass. You can apply for a Spectator Pass at pass.sochi2014.com.

3 Check the transportation routes and plan your route ahead of time.

4 If you are purchasing tickets for events which take place at different venues in the Mountain and Coastal Clusters on the same day, please make sure you allow enough time between events in order to travel from one venue to another.

5 We recommend you arrive early and allow time to pass through security checks. Please check which items are permitted/not permitted to bring with you.

6 Please note Visa cards and cash are the only accepted form of payment for all services at the Games.

7 Please make sure that you have appropriate winter clothing with you for attending the Olympic events. The weather may change quickly and the conditions vary greatly from those that you experienced when leaving your accommodation, particularly in the mountains, where you should make sure you have warm water-resistant clothing that offers protection from snowfall.

You will be able to find the weather forecast during the Games at the Sochi 2014 website at the venue pages.


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