NUML: The Saga of New Great Game

The Saga of New Great Game | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – The New Great Game is the hotbed and battlefield of the world and regional powers for the capture of hydrocarbon resources of oil and gas.

This was stated by Dr. Muhammad Javed, Assistant Professor of the Department of International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad while addressing the 2nd Faculty Academic Discourse in the Department. The Rector, Maj. Gen. ® Masood Hasan chaired the sitting while Director General, Brig. Azam Jamal and Faculty Members of the Department attended the Academic Discourse.

In his detailed and comprehensive presentation, Dr. Muhammad Javed spoke at length at the history of world, going through different periods and stages. He was of the view that the main players of the New Great Game in Central Asia are the United States, Russia and China. Regional and international players include Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, Israel, European Union and others, he opined.

Dr. Javed also referred to the ‘String of Pearls’ strategy of the emerging super-power China. The learned speaker highlighted the significance of Strait of Hormus which is at the crossroad of Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea and from where 60 percent oil of the world passes.

He was of the opinion that this is the chock point and that is exactly the reason that United States did not attack Iran despite the fact that Senior Bush referred it as the Axis of Evil but never dared to attack.

The Head of Department, Dr. Z. A. Qureshi, participating in the discourse put forward three paradigms which are at play at the moment with regard to the New Great Game. He said the first paradigm began with the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991 when the world was transformed from bi-polar to the uni-polar and later emerged as the multi-polar.

Dr Qureshi said the second paradigm was the creation of the 9/11 events which some of the scholars refer to as the launching pad of the New Great Game. The concept of third paradigm was put forward by Professor Akbar S. Ahmad, the Pakistani-American scholar and former Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK at a lecture to the Parliamentarians of Pakistan in the capital Islamabad where he stated that the News Great Game will be launched at the end of 2014 after the drawdown of US-NATO forces from Afghanistan.

All the Faculty Members of the Department took part in the academic debate and was half-way concluded with the promise to continue this academic discourse in the coming weeks. The Rector NUML Maj Gen (R) Masood Hasan appreciated the efforts of the Department of International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies for initiating such a thought-provoking academic debate and desired to continue it in future.


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