Pakistan Tribe and Daleel sign content sharing contract

Pakistan Tribe and Daleel sign content sharing contract |

ISLAMABAD – In a major development, the two significant platforms of Pakistan Digital Media for the internet users announced association to supply quality and on-time news, balanced and justified analysis.

The most searched news website of Pakistan ‘Pakistan Tribe’ and the supplier of balanced and proved analysis blogging platform Daleel signed a pact of content sharing.

According to the agreement, both Digital Media platforms will supply balanced and proved analysis to Pakistani as well as international viewers.

The founder of Daleel, senior journalist Muhammad Amir Khakani while making an agreement, said it is an important breakthrough for Social Media users. He said this treaty will be helpful for the users of both platforms.

According to the senior founder editor of Pakistan Tribe Shahid Abbasi, this treaty will enhance relations of different Digital outlets and will serve well the internet users.

As a result, the visitor of both websites internet users will have served well and get the latest analysis on the news.

Both plate forms agreed to that they will cooperate to get access to the Urdu content of Urdu speaking resides in and out of Pakistan.


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