Credit for Karachi’s peace to PM Sharif, not Raheel Sharif – Governor Sindh

Credit for Karachi's peace to PM Sharif, not Raheel Sharif - Governor Sindh |

ISLAMABAD – Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair sparked a controversy when he said on Thursday that former Chief of the Army Staff Gen. (retd) Raheel Sharif was an ordinary general.

Speaking at a two-day ‘Leaders in Islamabad’ business summit, Governor Zubair said that the law and order situation improved in Karachi after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had assumed office as the country’s chief executive, reported Samaa News.

“The credit for Karachi’s operation goes 100 percent to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,” he said, complaining that media always gives credit over everything to Gen. (r) Raheel Sharif.

He said that Rangers would remain in the city till it was necessary for them to do so.

“In the past Karachi would be shut down in only 10 minutes. Now, all political parties can not close down the city even if the join forces,” he maintained.


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