Painful results of cross border marriages in Pakistan Afghanistan

Painful results of cross border marriages in Pakistan Afghanistan |

ISLAMABAD – Veiled lady daily comes to the court with her newborn, she is struggling to rejoin her child with his father.

This lady whose name is Abida Raheem is the resident of Taj Abad, an area of provencial capital Peshawar. Abida was married few years back, in an Afghan family living in Pakistan.

Abida’s husband Asmat ullah was lavourer in Peshawar at that time. Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan since three decades have merged with local population of kpk province , and with other part of the country. Meanwhile, their social and cultural traditions resemblence with Pakistani pukhtoon community strenghthen their connection which turned into relationships with the passage of time. Pakistani youngsters got married to Afghan ladies and Afghanees tied knoughts with Pakistani girls.

Abida is saying, when she got married with Asmat ullah , his family was settled in Pakistan and was doing business there. They never expected circumstances will turn like this. Afghan refugees were permitted to live in Pakistan and Asmatullah, s family was living in Peshawar with the permission granted by the govt of Pakistan. “That is why my family had no objection in my marriage with Asmatullah “, abida told that situation worsen when circumstances between the two governments got conflicted and host government suddenly announced to send back afghan refugees.

When deadline was given by the government to afghan refugees , my husband Asmatullah first contact concerned government authorities and told them he had got married in Pakistan so he and his children should be granted permission to live in Pakistan but his application was rejected. So asmatullah was compelled to leave me and our children and move to Afghanistan.

Abida explained that she submitted various applications in different institutions but there was no positive response so she decided to knock the door of court. Abida revealed that when she starts interacting in order to approach the court she came to know that there are many other women having the same issue. Their husbands have returned back to their native country and without resolving this problem the government, s decision of sending back Afghan refugees is ruining so Manny families and homes.

Abdia while telling her painful story about cross border marriages | pakistantribe.comAbida said that all these women decided to go to the court collectively. There were more than forty women knocking at the court’s door. Initially court seek answer from government on this matter.

Connections and relations strengthened brotherhood among the people of both neighbouring Muslim countries. But the present tense situation can increase negative feelings among the people of both sides, said by abida. Government should take appropriate steps so that childern can live with their parents.

There are dozen of families in the province of KPK who are suffering from the same miserable situation. Arbab Khan a local rent a car driver is one of them. Arbab Khan got married with an afghan girl in 2011who was living in Pakistan. In five years they have three children. He was living in mardan with his family but then pak afghan tense situation also fainted the happiness of his family. Her wife had to go back to Afghanistan and now arbab khan has only contact with his wife and children on phone.

Arbab Khan has the view that he had to prepare proper documents in order to meet with his family and had a limited time visit to Afghanistan where he spent time with his family in Kabul and come back. The expenditures on this traveling and documenntation is a considerable amount of his saved earnings.

Afghan Pakistani women staging demonstration at fron of peshawar press club | pakistantribe.comArbab khan told PakistanTribe, that he knew at least 23 youngsters in Mardan city who are far away frombtheir wives and children. And they have to go to Afghanistan just to meet with their families . Arbab khan added that there is a huge number of such youngsters in Afghanistan as well whose wives and children are in Pakistan and they just came to Pakistan to meet them.

Arbab exclaimed with sorrow that the distance of few kilometers have become difficult and much longer, while parents and children are parted away and separated. This issue can be resolved by the mutual understanding of both countries. Effected women who contacted with the court also staged a protest in Peshawar. In the protest women and children who isolated from their fathers were present, who were demanding to both governments to solve this issue.


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