Afghan martial art player represents Pakistan

Afghan martial art plyer represents Pakistan |

ISLAMABAD – The champion’s hands blur with speed and skill during the fight in the arena, up high in the air, his flying kick is on target, these all are evidence of his expertise in his profession. He is young Kifayat Ullah, Afghan and Pakistan’s flags on his both arms, holder of several martial Art titles at provincial and national level.

He is a senior player at a centre in Peshawar under Contact Karaty Federation and represented Pakistan at national and international level various time. There are a large number of Pakistani and Afghani youngsters in the centers running under these federations. It is not possible to discriminate these young players on basis of nationality.

Kifayat Ullah, an Afghan karate player, born in Pakistan and after completion of his education, he is representing Pakistan in Martial Art game. An interesting fact is that in the year 2014 kifayat Ullah represented Pakistan in Asian level competitions held at Afghanistan and won the title of best fighter. According to him, although he belongs to Afghanistan but Pakistan is his country.

He will be obliged to continue representing Pakistan in future also. He loves Pakistan like he loves his mother. In Pakistan, Martial Art is not well appreciated and acknowledged at national level like other games such as cricket, hockey etc. Despite of this fact, it has always remained the favorite game of Pakistani youth. The degree of likeliness of this game is more in KPK as compare to other provinces and most of the distinguished players at national and international level are also from KPK.

Sahibzada Abdul Hadi, the instructor of Pakistan Full Contact Karaty Federation and holder of Black belt in Martial Art, said that there is no differentiation or discrimination among these youngsters on the basis of nationality. They have proven their selves and enlightened the name of Pakistan by their expertise in game. Abdul Hadi told that 10753 young players have been trained by him in Martial Arts among which more than 300 were Afghans. These Afghan youngsters have won medals in different championships representing Pakistan. It was said by Abdul Hadi that the Afghan Players trained by him have won 12 national and 32 provincial titles in the last decade. He said that an Afghan young boy Fawad khan who was trained at the same centre in Peshawar and strengthened his expertise in the same game to the level that he was honored as the best player in World Motaee Championship in 2007 at Bangkok. He added that Pakistani and Afghani stripling from different centers of the federation represent Pakistan and relight the country name by their skills. No discrimination of Pak Afghan have been seen among these players.

Afghan who becomes pakistani hero | pakistantribe.comAbdul Hadi divulged that most of Afghan players have returned to Afghanistan after the government decision of sending back the afghan refugees. He uttered happily that his nine students including Fawad khan are running Martial Art clubs in different areas of Afghanistan and in their clubs Pakistani instructors are endorsed with great respect and gratitude. Most of the trainers of these clubs interact with federation and come to Pakistan for short period of training.

Some of Afghan youngsters who are still in Pakistan, come to learn in centers of federation and they wants to represent Pakistan at every level, revealed by Abdul Hadi. He mentioned his student Kifayat Ullah who went to Afghanistan to participate in a championship where he represented Pakistan against Afghan players. In the same championship he earned the honor of best Pakistani Martial Art fighter.

By introducing another young boy Obaidullah who belongs to Afghanistan but his family is settled in Pakistan, Abdul Hadi put forwarded that he has been provincial champion for three times and have owned different titles in participating international level competitions. Abdul Hadi revealed that although Obaidullah is juvenile but he has the best qualities and expertise related to the game. He is still deprived of participation in international level opportunities and with the support of government he can emerged as an elite and pre-eminent player.

Afghan martial art player Kifayat Ullah becomes pakistani hero | pakistantribe.comObaidullah said that he got his education and Martial Art skills from this land of Pakistan and he will represent Pakistan I’d given a chance because representing Pakistan is an honor for him and his family. Obaidullah told that his father is a raksha driver in Peshawar. He has worked hard to fulfill his expenditures of education and is also his patronized in this game. Obaidullah added that whenever he won and took a title to home, his parents feel great pleasure and gratitude.

Both Obaidullah and Kifayat ullah revealed that they want to play for Pakistan if government sent them back, they will have no obligation. According to them their wish is to serve Pakistan but every order from government will be accepted by them happily and open heartedly. If they went back, they will promote the game as a player and instructor in Afghanistan like previous Afghan players. Both young players express their feelings for their teacher Abdul Hadi that they are very much impressed by him and their love and respect will be the same for him, either they live here or in Afghanistan.

There are dozens of players from Afghanistan in the Martial Art training centers under the supervision of Pakistan Full Contact karate Federation but after getting their education in Pakistan, they are representing Pakistan in games as well. According to federation, Haripur and Onch Noor centers have more strength of such youngsters. In view of instructor of federation, before the decision of government to sent back the Afghan refugees, the strength of Afghan youngsters was in thousands in the centers which are under the supervision of federation, which is now reduced to less than hundred.


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