Sochi 2014: Things you need to know for tickets and participation

Sochi-2014-spectators-pass-As Sochi 2014 is just at the corner, thousands of tourists have flocked to Sochi for Winter Olympics to see the most expensive games so far.

Thousand have already got the tickets, but the second phase of tickets selling is undergoing, according to organizers

Here are some things you should consider for ticket’s purchase to watch the interesting and exciting games.

1. Registration 

According to official note

If you already registered on the website for the ticketing newsletters, you can use your registration details to access the website and purchase tickets or you can register right now.

2. The ‘Money’ You Want

Visa is the only credit card acceptable for Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

3. Limits of Your Ticket

Maximum number of tickets you can order is 50, though number of tickets also depend on dropdown box. However, tickets exceeding 50 will be cancelled.

The move is taken to ensure participation of maximum number spectators for the event.

According to organizers

For a number of high demand events, there is a limit of 4 tickets per person, including:
• Ice hockey
• Figure skating
• The Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Games

For the remaining events, there is a limit of 8 tickets per person.

4. Tickets Delivery

Though the worldwide delivery was available till November 15, 2013, now you have to get tickets right from the Main Ticket Centre in Moscow or Sochi.

5. Pass is Must

Registration for getting Spectator pass is a must for Winter and Paralympic 2014 Games.


The process for  pass collection is as follow:

Spectators are able to purchase tickets on the website and in Main Ticket Centers, where you are able to collect tickets according to your orders, and also purchase tickets. More information is available on the official website.

During Games Time ticket sales will be available on the official website and at the Main Ticket Centers and ticket box offices at sports venues, which will be open by the beginning of the Games.


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