TRUCK ART: Developing Relations in Afghanistan, Pakistan

TRUCK ART: Developing Relations in Afghanistan, Pakistan |

Art is considered to be the best source of political, social and cultural expression for any society. The feelings and imaginations of Pak Afghan truck drivers who earn their living by moving wheels across the Pak Afghan border, can easily be understood by the art on their trucks.

The pictures and landscape on these trucks not only express the cordial feelings, but also have messages for the people across the borders.

The trucks and trailer drivers travelling from Pakistan to Afghanistan or Afghanistan to Pakistan usually prefer sceneries & images of Pak Afghan border areas to express their feelings.

These voyagers of long distances convey thoughts across the border through truck art. There is no doubt that they are true ambassadors of love and peace.

The long cue of trucks in Hazaar Khaani Bazar on Ring Road of Jamil chowk in the Northern city of Peshawar, is the clear illustration.

Zaryab Gul, a truck artist decorating pakistani, Afghan trucks in peshawar | pakistantribe.comZaryab Gul, a truck art painter, working there from decades explains the difference in the feelings of local truck driver and the drivers, travelling across the Pak Afghan border for their earnings.

According to him local drivers are mostly interested in paintings and images of birds, sunset and road on their trucks, some others who are fascinated towards poetry. They usually prefer to paint poetry and phrases or portraits of women.

While on the other hand drivers who have to travel long distances across the borders, want depictions of mountains, rivers, bridges and famous places of both sides of the border, on their trucks.

Zaryab Gul said that most of the truck drivers choose paintings of Torkham Border, Landi Kotal Bazar and Darra e Khyber.

Afghan drivers are also among them who paint these places on their trucks with keen enthusiasm and passion.

Truck artist decorating a truck with truck art | pakistantribe.comThe common among both sides of the drivers are famous personalities like popular Pakistani cricket player Shahid Afridi, Molana Tariq Jameel the eminent religious scholar and revolutionary Pashto poet Ghani Khan. Other than these portraits of actors from both sides along with Pak Afghan chaman Border and images of different cities like Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Waziristan, Bajuar and Kabul are also included.

According to Zaryab Gul, illustrations of Afghan side in which drivers from both the countries are interested, includes portraits of historical Afghan warriors, minarets of Ghazni southeast province of Afghanistan, Gandhara civilization, Haji Piyada Mosque and mountains of Feroz Koh. Drivers paint images of these people and places while decorating trucks.

Truck art in pakistan and afghanistan |

Choghal Pora Bazar of Peshawar city situated at few kilometers from Jamil Chowk is another place of interest for these truck drivers. The attraction and beauty lies in the art on trucks and trailers which imitates Afghanistan. Truck artists working there are from Afghanistan. Drivers from Afghanistan and Pakistan who take interest in paintings of famous Afghan mountains and historical places, prefer Choghal Pora Bazar.

Zaryab Gul also added that the time duration for completion of work on truck or trailer depends upon the length and width of the vehicle’s body. Usually it takes one and a half month and at least one hundred thousand rupees on one truck which can be extended by choosing the color quality and scheme on the vehicles.

Trucks and trailers decorated at Peshawar Ring Road with Pak Afghan culture, mobilize both sides of border and disseminate the message of peace, love and mutual understandings on the highways of the both countries


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