Regent Plaza Fire: Victims’ families await justice

Regent Plaza Fire: Victims’ families await justice |

KARACHI – Almost four months without justice, families of Regent Plaza Fire that claimed 12 innocent lives held a protest at Hyderabad Press Club to urge the concerned authorities to take all necessary actions for the proceedings of the Case filed against Regent Plaza management.

The protest was covered by the local media outlets and the reporters from national TV channels as well, but no single news outlet bothered to on air even a single, 30-second shot.

Pakistan Tribe has therefore decided to be the voice of victims’ families.

As per reports, the blaze broke out in the kitchen located on the ground floor of the four-star hotel located on the city’s Shahrah-i-Faisal, and swept through the building, trapping scores of hotel guests in their rooms.

Most of the country’s buildings don’t meet safety standards to avoid such mishaps. One of the victims’ family members, Maria Solangi while speaking to our correspondent revealed that the accident was utterly management’s negligence.

She went on to say that a Chinese delegation and local cricket team players were also in the hotel when the fire broke out. She said, no Emergency Exits were opened neither any fire extinguisher was working when the mishap happened.

Maria also told that she and her other family members reached the spot within 15 minutes after the news was broken, but neither fire fighting vehicle or even the police had reached the spot.

She also claimed that once the rescue work began, which was already very late, all the efforts were made to save Chinese delegation and the cricket players.  Other people were left on their own, which took her beloved uncle’s life, including 11 others.


During the protest these points were raised:

  1. Police Investigation (Challan) and Trial Court has established this is Advertent Negligence (Criminal), that has caused a loss of 12 Lives and Injured hundreds.
  2. The government has lodged a FIR, and unsurprisingly none of their representatives were available in any of the Court Proceedings – what does this mean????
  3. Trial Court Rejected the Bail Application of the Accused in early hours of 14th March, and there is no Arrest to date – Who is Supporting Criminals???
  4. Victims have sent a several communications to the Government, including but not limited to Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Health Secretary, IG Sindh Police for Assistance. Non the Government Executives approached or supported the victims. Please Note, among deceased there were five Grade 19+ Senior Government Officials. We request media to portray this case on merit to help seeking victims a relief.


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