Nawaz announces University, Metro for Hyderabad

Nawaz announces University, Metro for Hyderabad |

HYDERABAD – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday visited Hyderabad and announced the development projects for the city, including an international airport and the Metro Bus scheme.

Addressing a charged-up crowd at PML-N’s workers” convention, PM Nawaz said that he was delighted to see the response of the people of Hyderabad and saluted them for their passion.

Nawaz Sharif claimed that when he took the reins of the country, Karachi was steeped in terrorism.

PM said that his government launched a final war against militants which rid the people of Karachi from fear, Samaa News reported.

“Today, the backs of terrorists have been broken in Pakistan,” said Nawaz. “We have also eliminated terrorism from Hyderabad. Balochistan was steeped in terrorism; now it is undergoing development,” he added.

Nawaz took to task the previous government and held them responsible for not constructing the motorway from Karachi to Hyderabad. He also questioned the predecessor government for not distributing health cards before 2013.

“Previous rulers should be asked regarding their performances,” he said. “When they come to ask you for votes, ask them for what are they seeking your votes?” said Sharif to the crowd.

Nawaz stated that the motorway would connect Karachi to Hyderabad and from Hyderabad; the highway will go on to Sukkur.

“You will breakfast at Hyderabad and be able to have tea in the afternoon at Lahore,” he said. “Offer Fajr prayers in Hyderabad and Isha prayers in Peshawar,” he added.

Nawaz announced development projects for the city, which included an international airport and a Metro Bus scheme.

He announced a package of Rs 50 crore for the district government of Hyderabad and another Rs 100 crore for setting up a university in the city.


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