Emirates Airlines finds way to deal with US laptop ban

Emirates Airlines finds way to deal with US laptop ban | Pakistantribe.com

LONDON – The airline of United Arab Emirates gets a solution for the passengers who are traveling to the United States.

The customers will be able to use their laptops in the initial part of the journey and during transit flight in Dubai.

The laptops of the passengers will be taken at the airport, packed in boxes, and returned to the costumers at their destination in the United States. This service will be free for customers.

Passengers should declare their assets to get rid of delay because there will be a complete check on the electronic luggage on the flights from the United States to Dubai.

The United States Transportation Security Administration’s new security will be in power from 25 March. The travelers will not allow taking any electronic device despite Phone or Smartphone in the security directive.

However, the instructions will not be applied to the US-bound flights via Milan and Athens, or Emirates flight from any other destination. See more on Propakistani


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