Mother drags 6-year-old son to police station

Mother drags 6-year-old son to police station |

Chunian – Tired of his mischievous and docile behaviour, a mother dragged her 6-year-old son to the Chunian police station on Monday to teach him a lesson.

Zareena Bibi, a resident of Chunian district of Punjab, wanted the police officers to lock her son up after he repeated mischiefs and annoyed her. The 6-year-old boy started to yell and cry after entering the police station.

The mother stated that her son refused to listen to her and had bothered the whole family with his unbearable, naughty character. After recollecting the acts of mischief, she requested the police officials to lock her son up in jail.

The little kid was so terrified with the idea of captivity that he straight away apologised to his mum and pleaded for mercy. The police officials took an oath from the boy that he would always listen to his mother.


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