The Under-Pressure Murder Investigation!

The Under-Pressure Murder Investigation! | PakistanTribePakistani media gave special coverage to a report telecast by BBC in its program News knight on the murder investigation of MQM`s former leader Dr. Imran Farooq seemed to be targeting Mr. Altaf Hussain.

In fact, this report was prepared by BBC`s Owen Bennett-Jones, thus, it has nothing to do with the official stance of either the London Police or the Scotland Yard on the investigation. In the recent past, Owen Bennett Jones prepared a similar report, also aired by BBC2, that was also portraying MQM and its Chief Altaf Hussain as being behind the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq directly or indirectly.

It was also claimed in the report that the British Crown Prosecution Service has officially asked Pakistani authorities to trace two suspects believed to have been involved in the 2010 murder of Imran Farooq. The sentence “Two suspects believed to have been involved in the murder” clearly shows that it is not confirmed that the named two men are really involved in the murder. Moreover, if the two-men are traced and that their DNA is not matched, then will BBC be ashamed of its false propaganda?

The report mentioned one more interesting point in it. It stated, “The documents, obtained by News Knight from official sources in Pakistan, suggest Mohsin Ali Syed and Mohammed Kashif Khan Kamran secured UK visas on the basis of being granted admission to the London Academy of Management Sciences (LAMS), in east London.”

The point to be noticed here is how and why did the News Night or Owen benne Jones obtain those documents from the official sources of Pakistan? Previously, the media including the BBC itself was giving news about the two young men arrested by the Pakistani police at the Karachi airport who were allegedly involved in the Dr. Imran Farooq`s murder. The media also reported that the British authorities asked the Pakistani government to hand over them to the British, but the political government did not respond positively. So, now, if Muhammad Kashif and Mohsin Ali are the same men and the Pakistani officials wanted to assist in the investigation, why did they not share such an important information with the SLY or London Police, but to the Owen Bennet Jones? Is he the concerned person for conveying this sort of information?

More importantly, after the documentary have been aired and reported by the other media, the Karachi Police Chief Shahid Hayat said “We do not have any arrest record of Dr. Imran Farooq murder suspects namely Mohsin Ali Syed and Mohmmad Kashif Kamran”. Similarly, the spokesman of the Pakistani foreign office (Ms. Tasneem Aslam) also denied knowledge of any kind of request from the Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service.

Now, will impartial people not ask that how it is possible that the “Pakistani officials” disclosed the information about the alleged two suspects to Owen Bennet Jones, but they kept it secret it from the Karachi Police Chief as well as the foreign office? Secondly, if the Karachi police did not arrest them from the Karachi airport, who arrested them if the report about their arrest it really true?

Logically speaking, after the official versions from the Scotland Yard, Pakistani foreign office and especially from the Karachi Police Chief, the Owen Bennet`s report in News Knight has also all of its reliability. On top of it, when the investigating agency (SLY) itself does not, as per its rules and regulations, share its investigation unless one has been formally charge, how the hell can anyone claim to get trust worthy information?

Honestly, when a crime takes place, the investigating agencies start their investigation with open mind and try to gather relevant and concrete evidences that can help them in the case. By the time, they arrive at their destination, i.e., culprit, they have already collected undeniable concrete evidences that leave no option for the criminal, but to confess the crime. In other words, not the investigators, but their obtained proofs and evidences speak loudly. However, regarding the still on-going murder investigation of Dr. Imran Farooq, no matter whether there are any proofs or not; London Police and SLY officially give their versions or not, but some media elements as well as MQM`s political rivals have been making so many claims targeting Altaf Hussain ever since the murder took place in 2010.

Legally speaking, for the investigation to book Mr. Altaf Hussain in the case, the following stages are essentially required by the Scotland Yard/London Police to be completed:

1-The murderer must be identified

2-He needs to be arrested

3-It is legally indispensable that the arrested killer must claim that he did not kill Dr. Imran Farooq because of his own personal, political, ethnic, sectarian, religious reason, but purely on the order of someone else.

4-Moreover, that “someone”, must be Altaf Hussain, and

5- Finally, the SLY must have sufficient and concrete evidences to fix the charge on Altaf Hussain.


But, not speaking of arriving at the last (5th) stage of the investigation, the investigation has not completed even the first stage, i.e., indentifying the killer. The sketch of the alleged murderer of Dr. Imran Farooq issued three years ago, has yet not been converted into a real photo of the killer. This obviously indicates the level of progress of the investigation. Further, if Mohsin Ali and Kashif had really been identified as the suspects or the main culprits, not Owen Bennet, but the Scot Land Yard or Met Police themselves had made official announcement about it.


According to the media, the last official statement issued by the London Police (MET) on the murder investigation was on 24th of January, 2014. In that statement, London Metropolitan Police announced a reward of ₤ 20,000 for those who would provide any kind of assistance in the murder case of Dr Imran Farooq.

Now, suppose, following the disinformation from the MQM`s rivals, if the SLY of MET police books Mr. Altaf Hussain and presents the case in the British court and the Judge asks the Police to produce the supporting proof and evidences against him, can they say, “For this, we have already appealed to the people to provide supporting assistance and we have also announced a reward for this”?? Can`t we imagine what would be reaction on the judge then?

Not only this, in the same press release, the London Police also stated that the case was being investigated from different angles to bring the culprits to justice. The question is, if, according to the anti-MQM people, the murder investigation has, after gathering very important proofs and evidences, got very close to Altaf Hussain, then why is the London Police still investigating the case from different angles instead of only one, i.e., MQM? The official stance of the Police clearly indicates that it has not yet come into the position to focus only one angle.

What emanates from all these facts, is that there are definitely some people pertaining to the media as well the politics (both inside and outside Pakistan) who want the MQM`s Chief to be booked in the murder case of Dr. Imran Farooq instead of waiting for the completion of the investigation. These people have been trying, from the beginning, to directly or indirectly influence the on-going investigation. Whoever killed Dr. Imran Farooq for whatsoever reason, they want to target MQM`s leader. But, will the investigation and the investigating agencies be influenced by such evil-tactics, the time will reveal it.

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