How to increase battery time of Motorola phones

How to increase battery time of Motorola phones |

In the era of smartphones, it has become a dream stay powered for the whole day, even in the phones with good battery backup. Therefore, we have brought you a bag of tricks which can help you save your’ phone’s battery for the whole day.

Taking Motorola’s latest flagship Moto G5 Plus, for those who don’t know, the Moto G5 Plus has a 3000 mAh battery capacity with Turbo Charging compatibility.

To keep your phone alive for the whole day, here is a step-by-step trick:


1.Brightness and Timeout

Extra bright screen not only drains your battery soon but also affects your eyesight. So it is alway smart to lower down that extra brightness you are using and make it adjustable and comfortable to your eyes.

2. Turn Off/ Restrict GPS – Location Services

Turning off GPS and location services always help to save phone’s battery, it is good for nothing. GPS is one of the things which eats up your battery mostly and frequently.

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Handles are always in a hunt for where you are, using the High Accuracy of GPS. So turn off the Location and use it whenever you need it. Or else, limit the access of GPS to particular apps.

To save battery, go to Settings > Location > Turn it Off or > Mode > put it down to Battery Saving or Device Only.

3. Turn Off Moto Actions

Since Moto Actions works on sensors, it eats up lots battery.  The sensors are always in hunger of when the action will be made. So, the Sensors are always turned on which consumes battery.

To turn these Off, go to the Moto App > Actions > and Turn Off each of them.

4. Turn off Sync

Don’t keep the Sync option on all the time unless you have any data to sync.  To turn these Off, go to the Moto App > Actions > and Turn Off each of them.

5. Tun On Battery Saver

Turning on the Battery Saver is only advised when you are in the ‘Survival’ situation and only when you’re below your limit you know. The Battery is turned on provided that it reduces device’s performance, limits vibration, location services, and most of the background data. Apps that rely on sync may not update unless you open them. To turn on the Battery Saver, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver > Turn On


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