No BA, only BS programme for Pakistani universities, HEC

No BA, only BS programme for Pakistani universities, HEC |

ISLAMABAD – The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan on Friday clarified that all public and private sector universities in Pakistan would offer only BS programme, reported.

According to PakistanTribe’s correspondent from Islamabad, HEC gave a new directive to the universities about the status of current BA and BS programme degrees.HEC has decided to abolish 2

HEC decided to terminate 2-year BA/BSc and MA/MSc degree programs from 2018 and 2020 respectively. HEC has made policy that all government and private institutions will offer.

HEC has established a policy that all government and private institutions will offer 4-year Graduation and Masters degree programs. The decision has been taken to bring an improvement in the quality of education in Pakistan.

All public and private sectors universities only offer 4year BS programme to interested students, said HEC.

It is worth mentioning here that many public and private sectors universities still offer BA programme to its regular and private students along with 4year BS plan.

After the recent decision, now all graduation programmes will be BS and need 4years study.

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  • New educational policy that is introduced in the country does not seem to fulfill the need of learners and earnest seekers of higher education in different faculties. It seems that those passing the college years again plunge into a long session of school life. Lastly, those students who used to pass their intermediate session did select two optional subjects for graduation BA/BSc and then master in either subject or many other subjects in two years. Now Masters degree policy I-e MA/MSc has been revised and BS degree for four years in its stead is made the degree equivalent to mastery. A continuous four years study just as the school period will make one attain his mastery on a particular subject and this four years term will make a loss to one in some aspects;
    1_ One will not be able to be graduate in early 20s and young boys will no more sit in commission exams and they will sit in contest when they turn into men.
    2_ One doing BS will be exhausted to make any mastery in different subjects and this process will take his life remaining a pupil.
    3_ For four years University life will become like a junior school life and there will be no mid term degree.
    4_ The fees of admission and semesters have become so high and courses so costly that a common citizen can not afford it.
    5_ 5th class degree or primary degree has also been introduced which has no significance and it is also a burden on both the minor students and the boards.

  • Me ik private candidate hu mera taaluq pathan family se he me ne f.a private exam diya to socha b.a b private dungi or ab jb ke b.a khatam huogaya aur srf bs reh gaya jo ke university se regular para jae ga hmari family hme parhne nai degi ab ap btaye hm aage kese parhe..


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