Facebook ban in Pakistan, rumor or a reality?

Facebook ban in Pakistan, truth or a rumor? | Pakistantribe.com

ISLAMABAD – Since the issue of blasphemous content and controversial pages surfaced, the chances of blocking Facebook in Pakistan have increased.

You might have seen hundreds of thousands of posts on Facebook and other social media sites claiming Facebook will be banned in Pakistan soon.

The rumour has caused a chaos in the country, as unlike 2011, bread and butter of millions of people, is connected to Facebook.

Though no official word has come from the federation, but still many e-journalists (excluding us) believe that the leading social media site may face blockade in Pakistan.

The petitions were filed in different courts across the country to block and ban social networking sites such as Facebook.

According to PakistanTribe correspondent, it has been requested in the petition filed in the high court that Facebook should be blocked in the country till the removal of all blasphemous contents on the social media.

As per the detail is given by the correspondent with regards to the blasphemous material and the statement of the Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) where he has admitted in the court that all pages which had the blasphemous contents have been blocked.

However, blasphemous contents are still circulating on the Facebook in the form of videos, sketches and other materials.

On the other hand, another petition has been filed in Lahore High Court for banning internet contents based on hate speech and blasphemy.

In the Multan Bench of the Lahore High Court another petition has been tabled regarding the hateful materials on the web while a senior judge, Qasim Khan have summoned Deputy Director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Earlier, Justice Aziz Siddiqui of Islamabad High Court (IHC) said while hearing a case about blasphemous content on the social media that no one will be allowed sell news under the guise of hate speech and whoever commits blasphemy will not be spared; however, no innocent person will be implicated in such a case.

He said, “A campaign should not be launched on the social against Asma Jahangir or in my favour.”

The judge further said that the print and electronic media should air article 14 of the constitution so that it become clears that what are the rights and responsibilities.

While on the other hand, secretary interior has informed the court that Facebook administration is cooperating in this regard and so far 70 controversial pages have been closed down.


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