Sixth census began in Pakistan today

Sixth census began in Pakistan today| sixth census

ISLAMABAD – Census began in Pakistan on Wednesday (today) at a time when the government is faced with opposition from political parties in Sindh and amidst the process of FATA merger.

Chief Census Commissioner Asif Bajwa has been calling census a constitution process which should be carried out at any cost so that fair and equal distribution of resources could be distributed however some political parties are terming this as an ‘intrusion’ on their mandate.

Chief Census Commissioner Asif Bajwa says while giving an interview to a local television channel now the biggest challenge to the government is that when the government representatives reach out to the people then they should cooperate with the enumerators.

He said that the second challenge is related to administration where training of around 1.8 million is concerned and then their distribution into 0.2 million blocks in order to collect and arrange the data in a subsequent manner.

Asif Bajwa informs that they have taken the help of United Nation Population fund in order to make the census transparent and in their supervision international experts are coming to Pakistan who will be analyzing the over situation of census in the country and PBS will help them to reach out to all areas for this purpose in the country.

“We have made arrangement to get the family data by just entering the identity card number on the spot and in this way information will be analyzed besides making the availability of machine readable forms, he explained.


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