Pakistan came into being for protecting rights of all: PM Nawaz Sharif

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KARACHI – Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan did not came into being for suppressing rights of anyone but rather it was meant to give equal opportunities to all the people.

While addressing ‘HOLI’ festival in Karachi, the Prime Minister said the constitution of Pakistan guarantees equal of all its citizens irrespective of religion,cast and creed.

He said, “Our Quaid Muhamad Ali Jinnah speech of 11 Augest speech is reflective of the Pakistan that was created in 1947.”

“No one will be meted out with discrimination bur every is allowed to go to your religious places and practice one’s religion,” the Prime Minister stressed.

According to saying of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal, Pakistan should be a state where every community will be able to live peaceful life without any discrimination, he added.

“We are not here to judge anyone’s heaven but we have to make this life a paradise for all of us,” the Prime Minister highlighted.

Nawaz Sharif noted that today the entire world has acknowledged Pakistan’s economic turnaround, adding no race or partiality should prohibit your progress and development.

“The benefits of economic progress should be passed on to every common citizens of Pakistan,” the premier said.

The Prime Minister stressed that some elements want to use religious difference for their nefarious designs and destroying peace and stability in the country.


“If a religious person is without any love then he is like a flower that has neither color nor fragrance, he emphasized.


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