PM ordered to block all blasphemous materials on social media

PM ordered to block all blasphemous materials on social media| blasphemous materials

ISLAMABAD – In order to tackle the growing instances of hate speech under the guise of freedom of expression, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered to block all blasphemous materials on the social media.

According to PakistanTribe correspondent, the Prime Minister said directed the interior ministry to take all possible measures so as to block and ban all the hateful contents available on the internet.

He said that with such attempts on the social media, the blasphemers are playing with the emotions of the Muslim Ummah and therefore all such contents must be blocked so that it could not emerge again.

“All those who are involved in such activities while spreading blasphemous material on the social media will be brought to books,” he added.

Besides, the Prime Minister ordered the authorities to trace out those people that are involved in spreading blasphemous material on internet.

The perpetrators of these cybercrimes especially the blasphemous culprits will be awarded a stern punishment.

The feelings of Muslims should be given respect when it is concerned with our Holy Prophet (pbuh), he explained.

All the international organizations with regards to social media are being accessed in order to block and ban such materials promoting hate speech and blasphemy.


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