Why PTI Accuses MQM

Why PTI Accuses MQM | PakistanTribe“Propaganda is that branch of the art of lying which consists in nearly deceiving your friends without quite deceiving your enemies.” – Francis Cornford.


If we go back to the previous government and analyze how PPP diverted the media and people from their bad governance then we don’t see the much difference between PPP and PTI strategy. It was not too long ago when Zulfiqar Mirza of PPP was selected to create the diversion of public through press conferences against MQM. Zulfiqar Mirza alleged Altaf Hussain with the killings in Karachi and 12th May incident and also went to London with suitcase full of so called evidences. And for few months Khan is practicing the same strategy by accusing MQM chief by putting different fake allegations and spitting poison against the most popular and beloved leader of urban Sindh, who is head and shoulders above than a play boy turned politician like Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is also responsible for instigating hatred through fake propaganda against his political rivals. He is the same man who used to yell like a mad man at Shahbaz Sharif during his election campaigns, but soon after he regained his lost love for Sharif brothers and started to bash Altaf Hussain, Imran developed this habit during his cricket days when he used to sledge his opponents to divert their attention but as years past there are still no signs of maturity in Imran Khan.

On the other hand PTI supporters are themselves responsible for the criticism that Imran Khan draws for his colorful personal life. The reason being PTI supporters show least respect to the leaders of other political parties and resort to calling them names, now this may be attributed to lack of political maturity which they inherit from their leader Imran Khan, over enthusiasm or utter frustration for the apparent failure of their leader to come clean. How on earth can you preach the world to come clean/declare assets when you yourself are scared to go through a simple DNA test? If you are sure you have not done anything wrong then have the test done and shut your opponents up forever.

On the other hand, Media persons and some well-known TV anchors faced an ugly barrage of abuse on social media sites by ‘PTI trolls’, this large section of the Imran Khan fan club shower’s anybody with a wide range of Urdu, Punjabi and English abuses if it believes that person has criticized Khan or his party.

Whatever may be the reason behind this disrespectful attitude of PTI supporters, it is shocking, because PTI claims to be the voice of educated youth. The only reason that I can think of for this lack of mannerism from PTI supporters is that building the character of workers/supporters is the responsibility of the leadership. A political party draws people from different walks of life, it is necessary to formulate a code of conduct and guide your workers about it for proper implementation. MQM frequently holds “Tarbiyati Nishists” and other such activities for its workers. MQM’s leader never addresses his opponents with “Tum” in his speeches; he used the word Sahab out for respect for opponents like “Nawaz Sharif”, whereas Mr. Khan does not care about such minor actions that can only earn him respect.

PTI supporters argue that their political party is attracting deprived masses and that is the reason for chaos at its public meeting, if this argument is accepted, you have to wonder if MQM’s public meetings are attended by super humans. Since its inception in 1984, the MQM is known for its discipline. Like PTI, MQM also represents deprived masses, despite this the first public meeting at Nishter park took place under heavy showers, yet no indiscipline was witnessed. The reason is simple, the central leadership of MQM has always been disciplined, and they believe in “practice what you preach”

Almost the entire central leadership comes from middle and lower middle class, even the most senior leaders are seen sitting on the floor on stage during public meetings, indicating to the masses that leaders and masses are equal, so this discipline of leadership has a trickle down effect on its workers and supporters. It is this discipline that the MQM manages to hold huge public gatherings at short notices, notices that sometimes are as short as 18 hours. On the other hand Tsunami Khan though claims to champion the cause of masses; he relies on ultra rich politicians who obviously cannot relate to the problems of an ordinary citizen. I bet Mr. Khan and his lot of “senior citizen youngsters” would consider it a disgrace to sit on the floor of the stage.

This is a sheer leadership failure that even the most loyal of supporters are reluctant to work in the filed, this is when PTI has never faced state oppression, imagine what would be the reaction of its supporters if PTI faces same kind of state oppression that MQM faced, I am sure PTI’s supporters would not dare to take the name of PTI in their dreams even. What is it that makes MQM supporters turn in large numbers in its public meetings? What is it that makes people vote for MQM despite so much negative propaganda? What is it that hundreds of thousands of people listen to the speech of its leader with exemplary discipline? What is it that despite numerous state operations and killing of thousands of workers and supporters by rivals, people are still willing to be a part of MQM? All this is because the leadership of MQM has instilled discipline in its cadre their elected representatives are common people, who are within the reach of masses.

I only feel sorry for the supporters of PTI, all this hype against MQM and its founding leader Altaf Hussain is nothing more than a bubble, we saw that before the general polls as well and now we are witnessing this Tsunami in the cup of tea again. At that time also the Tsunami Khan had made tall claims against MQM and its leadership, claims that remain claims only till date. There is simply no comparison between MQM and PTI. PTI needs to do a lot of soul searching before challenging a rival having such a large and dedicated cadre of workers as MQM.

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