New militant group appeared after Daesh: Revelations  

IS second-in-command killed in airstrike: report

NEW YORK – The so called Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria and Iraq has almost spread across the world particularly posing massive threats to the United States and Europe but now another revelation of a new group has emerged.

According to report, this revelation has made by an American journalist Peter Theo Curtis who has been detained by Al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2012 as he was abducted by Al Nasar Front of Al-Qaeda however, he was released in 2014.

These extremist groups can reach Europe without being traced and they can make new extremist groups in the border between Europe and Turkey which will be more destructive than the Daesh, he revealed.

He said that he had seen such extremists in the detention center of Al-Nasar who belong to armed groups in northwestern Syria.

He informed, “We know about them only when they took arms in Paris and London and carried out attacks there.”

This is the second ‘Daesh’ which is being made on the border of Europe and we should carry out proactive measures.


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