Health hazards: Overeating causes obesity and belly fat: Report

Health hazards: Overeating causes obesity and belly fat: Report | overeating


PETERSBURG – If you want to protect yourself from obesity and putting on more belly fat then you will have to change the habit of eating in hotels.

According to the study conducted by Petersburg University, consuming foods in hotels and restaurants lead people to put on more fat, hence causing obesity.

The research investigated around 100 obesity participants for a year who were trying to get rid of obesity and reducing their bellies.

During the study the participants used to be checked five times a day and they were asked about their activities outside their homes.

And the participants were told that they should clearly express themselves about their food and its quantity.

The result concluded that those who usually went on overeating compulsively are found to have gathered more weight.

However, others who are having normal belly size and smart looking physique do not have eagerness to go for eating foods outside homes.

And it has been noticed that those who normally eat at hotels, their food appetite increase nearly 60 percent.

Foods available at various hotels are full of fats which causes obesity and other diseases including heart disease and diabetes.

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